Social Time!

Joe Wong

Hey guys, I will be performing with Hari Kondabolu and Joe Wong on October 6 and 7th at the San Francisco Punch Line

check it out:



Sunny Day in SF

Sometimes the Sun decides to show up in San Francisco and today is one of those days. Enjoy!


Can I smell your Dick?

I think they were being serious when they made this song.



I love public transportation. Public transportation is good for the environment, you get to read on the bus, and you don't have to worry about parking! So why is Muni so off lately? Last year a Muni coach killed a little girl, several months ago two Muni street cars got into separate accidents; one crashing into an SUV on market and another crash into another streetcar at West Portal. Just today, I was late to work because the "M" car was late. As a muni bus driver I know you have to deal with a lot like punk kids tagging on your bus, thugs robbing other passengers, and cars that cut you off. But get your shit together.

Check out the link of the West Portal carsh.



MVC2 what is up with the lag?

I am a huge fan of Marvel vs Capcom 2 but the new PS3 download is terrible. Online play has an awful lag, which suck for high-level play. One mistake and you could lose the match, so I decided to hold off from playing until they fix the problem or I get a better connection.