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Free Wallpaper - Water Fasting

Several weeks ago, I went to a skin specialist to get treatment for my acne. The specialist recommended I take a 3 day water fast to figure out what gives me acne, so I did. I've never lasted 3 hours without food before, so the idea of fasting intimidated me. But you know, whatever, try new things and stuff...(read this last line with no enthusiasm)

Day 1 - My stomach hurt but that was ok
Day 2 - I cheated. At 4PM a finally gave in and ate pasta. Now I have to start all over. Damn!
Day 1 - I drank one cup of Chi Tea (does that count?)
Day 1 - Yep, just water and I feel like ass
Day 2 - Yes! Two days in a row with no food, now kill me.
Day 1 - Screw it I'm drinking juice.

So really, I didn't fast the entire 3 days but I got really close. I drank tomato soup for my first meal and it gave me a zit on my cheek. So I guess no more tomato soup. Damn!

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The Minorities StandUp - Ads Chai

Finally, our last ad. Enjoy! Get your tickets here:


The Minorities StandUp - Ads Hypnotizing 

And the fun continues with our second Minorities Standup Ad!. All the show info is in the video and fler

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The Minorities StandUp - Ads

Hi Guys,

Just a heads up I'm having a show with Samson Koletkar, NPR CBS, on June 20th at 446 Stage Werx in San Francisco! Show starts at 7:30PM.

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Happy Mothers Day!

Just wanted to give a shout out to my grandma, mother, and sister, who just recently became a mother. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!