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Run Ed Run

I knew he was going to run for office. Lets see how this all works out. If Lee was doing such a great job then why hate on him now that he is running. 


Purple Onion

Hey Everyone,

I know I haven't updated in a while and I would like to apologize for that. However, I am working on a feature film, directed by the talented Matt Szymanowski, and its been eating up a lot of my time. The film is about Johnny Lee, an amazing comedian, who's career is halted when he must help with his family's finances. Lee's epic journey into adulthood is full despair, mediocrity, and triumph. Please check out the website and the promo. Its still a film in development and we plant to film in 2012, so keep posted!. Also please "like" our facebook fan page.

Fellow the link here:

Check out the facebook page: 

The Purple Onion Promo from mathew szymanowski on Vimeo.


Interview With Sal Calanni



San Francisco Driving


I love San Francisco but the driving..... not so much 

Filmed/Edited/Directed By: Mathew Szymanowski

Written/Produce/Edited/Talent By: Edwin Li

Talent: Chris Regan as the Panda

Special Thanks to Ramind Lee for letting me use the Panda Head



Happy Valentine's Day

What happens when a Panda starts a relationship with a human? Watch and see.

Staring Kristee Ono and Watie the Dog, presents "Panda Express"

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