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New Jokes

I wrote jokes that are not funny enough to tell on stage. I would like to share them with you.

"My guy friends are avoiding me because I like to hug them, but only from behind."

I love to read but I hate doing it in public. Peolple always want to talk to me.


-Hey man are you Ok?

-Yeah I'm fine! Can't a guy read Chicken Soup For The Sensitive Flat Feet Man in peace?

"I love not not talking in double negatives"

"Reading depress Tupac lyrics alone in the dark with no flash light is not a hobby, its a way of life."



Thats all for today.

Random P.S

I want to give a shout out to Joodie Sweetin from Full House. I was watching random youtube video last night and she just pop up. Joodie Sweetin is like the cute girl next door who grew up, turned super hot, then trashy, then finally mellowing out.



New Jokes

It was Halloween last week and people in San Francisco are still wearing Black and Orange - Giants forever!

Guess what I was for Halloween this year.

On a side note I recently got an internship which makes it really hard for me to update regularly but I'll try my best to at least update twice a month. Stay tune everyone, I have some good shit in the works 

Peace, Love and Respect!



Rory Scovel

I finally got a chance to check out Rory Scovel and he is fucken amazing! He did a four-minute act-out of Jesus having a nightmare. Check out his interview with my good friend Coree Spencer.



I'll be going down to LA and competing in the Unlimited Laff Down Contest on Thursday. If any of you guys are near the area please come down and support.


Lately I've been working really hard to get a new 30-minute set and one way to motivate myself is to post videos of me trying out new material. I might not keep these new jokes but I though it would be cool to show what the creative process looks like.



Marc Maron WTF, Google Voice, New Jokes 

 I'm pretty sure you guys already have heard of Marc Maron's podcast, WTF, but if you haven't let me tell you something - it is BOMB!

I love it. Wasted two whole days listening to it. If you are as big a comedy fan as I am, I'm sure you will appreciate everything he is doing. Check out the website and podcast

Google Voice

On another note I've been secretly testing the new Google Voice application on my website. Please check out the, Call Me, section of my site. The application makes it possable call someone on the Internet with a click of a button. I won't pick up but leave a message. If it's funny or something I'll put it on my website.

Here is a link to the page: CALL-ME

New Jokes

I'm starting a new series called, New Jokes. I'm trying to tape all my new jokes so I can see my progress as I build my act.

A couple people have told me they can't understand the last words I said before it faded out.  If anyone can get it right I'll send you an Edwin Li Button!

Thursday with Edwin & Dayrus

Episode two is up with our special guest, Jesse Fernandez; I'm working with him on several sketches right now and we were just shooting the shit on camera.



As you might have already heard, eight Hong Kong Tourist were killed during a terrible hostage situation in Manila. My heart goes out to those people - let's pray for them.