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The Godpanda

New panda video. I went all out on this one; got a crew and everything. Filmed by Paul Justin Encinas. Feautring Rob Cantrell, Joey Devine, Chris Reagan, and Ryan Cronin. Special thanks to Imran G, Shawn Robins and Murphy's Pub for letting us film there. Sean Kean originally pitched me the ideal and I just ran with it.




Free Panda Icons


Hey Gang,

Mathew Szymanowski, director of the film, "Purple Onion", recently received the prestigious Mac Dowell grant, where he'll stay in New Hampshire for 3 months, developing the Purple Onion film. In celebration, I have made 3 brand new Panda Icons, which you can download for free!

Stay awesome people!


Happy Valentine's Day

What happens when a Panda starts a relationship with a human? Watch and see.

Staring Kristee Ono and Watie the Dog, presents "Panda Express"