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San Francisco Comedy Rooms

This is a tribute video I made for the San Francisco Comedy scene. I didn't include some rooms because I didn't have time. Originally, I wanted to make one for the bay area but it was too time consuming. Enjoy.

San Francisco Punchline
Cobbs Comedy Club
The Dark Room
The Mock Cafe
The Purple Onion
Sea Biscuit
The Canvas Cafe
Club Deluxe
One World Cafe´╗┐


The Purple Onion!

Hey Everyone

Here is some back story about Johnny Lee, the main character from The Purple Onion. It is still in development so don't expect to see the entire film any time soon. I hope you enjoy it!

The Purple Onion Promo Teaser 1 from mathew szymanowski on Vimeo.



Purple Onion

Hey Everyone,

I know I haven't updated in a while and I would like to apologize for that. However, I am working on a feature film, directed by the talented Matt Szymanowski, and its been eating up a lot of my time. The film is about Johnny Lee, an amazing comedian, who's career is halted when he must help with his family's finances. Lee's epic journey into adulthood is full despair, mediocrity, and triumph. Please check out the website and the promo. Its still a film in development and we plant to film in 2012, so keep posted!. Also please "like" our facebook fan page.

Fellow the link here:

Check out the facebook page: 

The Purple Onion Promo from mathew szymanowski on Vimeo.


Live At The Purple Onion

Edwin Li, San Francisco's next up-and-coming comedian, will be performing in an exclusive, one night only show on July 7th, 2010! Come join us for this special event, with host Jabari Davis, at The Purple Onion!
Tickets are only $20 at the Door
Doors open at 8PM, and show starts at 8:30PM

Don't miss this one night of showcase of Edwin Li's amazing comedic talent!



Au Revoir Taipei

I just saw the greatest movie this weekend at the Asian American Film Festival in San Francisco.  Written and directed by Arvin Chen, Au Revoir Taipei is a mash up of Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

I love this movie.

This is one of those movies where you come out of the theater thinking: Man!  Why’t I think of something that good!  The story is very simple:

  • Boy’s girlfriend studies abroad in France.
  • Boy learns French in bookstore to communicate with girlfriend. 
  • Boy meets new girl in bookstore, but still in love with current girlfriend in France.
  • Girlfriend in France dumps Boy over the phone. 
  • Boy is crushed and wants to go to France to talk to girlfriend.
  • Boy borrows money from gangsters in order to pay for the flight.
  • Gangsters tell Boy he must deliver a package when he gets to France.
  • A mix up occurs involving the police, real estate agents, and convenience store employees.
  • Cute, silly, endearing stuff happens to our main charters.
  • Boy finds new love and learns something about himself and the audience leaves the theater happy.
  • The End.

Although this movie sounds formulaic, the way Chen develops his characters adds new layers of originality to the film.  He created his own universe, where characters are so unaware and naïve; it’s like a live-action cartoon. This movie is so sweet; I just wanted to invite these characters back home for dinner.  Read more about the movie here:

Or check out Arvin’s Blog


Thank you everyone who came out to the Purple Onion last week. I got heckled by this drunk ass mofo. Here is the clip: