Social Time!


This is an old interview Yo TV made awhile back.

I love these guys they are awsome!


Sonoma State University

I opened for Dat Phan and they wrote this artcle about it check it out.

Starting Asian Heritage Month off with some laughs, Associated Student Productions and Res Life, with sponsorship from Filipino-American Association of Sonoma State University (FAASSU), brought the comedic styles of Dat Phan and his opener, Edwin Li to Sonoma State this past Wednesday.
Edwin Li has a whole lot of potential ahead of him. Li is a 23 year old college student, going to San Francisco State. His material was sharp and his presentation was well done. But he is also without fear. One of Li’s jokes involved him comparing love to AIDS, while another involves him offering to literally go back to where he came from: the womb. This sort of fearlessness allows Li to draw in the crowd to his material with such ease. Also hidden within is comedy is some quick social commentary. He brought up his parents fear of how he is going to make money, to which he counters with an example of one of his friends. This friend makes $70,000 a year just to stare at Mexicans, at which point Li clarifies “He’s a cop.” It was a real shame that he only had fifteen minutes on stage.

-Sonoma State University


San Francisco Rooftop Comedy Team

Check this out guys, San Francisco has a comedy team and the Golden Gate Xpress wrote a story about it. Actually it's pretty old news but I did'nt get to read about it until now. Pauline Joy Talens wrote this beautiful report.